Monday, December 15, 2014

The Wandering Quad shall wander again!

It's offical!

My flights are booked and my nerves are ecstatic. Feb 18th 2015 at 11:30am, I will be sitting with sparkling anticipation as the engine gears up to roar in that inertia filled excitement of lift-off. And off to Southeast Asia will I go.

I've never been to this part of the world before. I am all at once thrilled, nervous, and ripe with extreme anticipation. I know nothing about where I'm going. Just vague ideas of gorgeous beaches with jutting rocks covered in lush vegetation that stand proudly in clear azure waters. Of warmth and jungles and unique temples. Of unfamiliar wildlife and new peoples and language. Of incredible foods and wild parties. Of new friends and new experiences.

I cannot explain to you how much this excites me. How this unknown thrills me. I feel like a kid on Christmas, and I so desperately want to rip open the packaging and learn what's in store for me. And every step is a new gift revealing its treasures. Maybe I'm wrong... maybe I won't even get to see some of the things I think are out there. But this doesn't worry me. Not in the slightest. This is part of the fascination of adventure. I cannot wait to learn.

For two months I get to wander around the other side of the world in my limping fashion. For two months I will spend every day excited to try something new. For two months I will be alive in every way.

My god... am I there yet?

Countdown to Southeast Asia : 64 days 23 hours 42 minutes.