Thursday, May 21, 2015

Poetry - Into the Haze

soft fingertips and slip
into the haze
little smiles play chase across my canvas
bubbles of laughter decorating the room
heat rising and unsympathizing
if left unchecked the forest will burn
The fire licks at my toes and legs and thighs and yearns
it consumes
I am through with patience and I
attempt to pace myself
race with myself
I can beat myself
I need this
Quaff now the ambrosia drink and
sleep well,
sweet dreams etched with ink
designed by the think

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Poetry - click click shit

Thoughts linger like tendrils of soft grass,
caressing skin, tips of nerves... retired...
Dulled memory then sharply keened
tingling.. like a disturbed pond.

Sense, assaulted with clips from another time.
Too close for comfort,
sticky, sap clinging
Boredom holes that allow
 smirks through

Forget, taunts memory, just try to forget. 


click, click,

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

a gift for me

Do you ever buy something for yourself, start giggling and squealing insanely, and say, "Thank you, [insert your name here]! This is an amazing gift! I've seriously wanted one of these!!!"


Just me?


Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Go for a run for me

It's days like these I want to remind you to cherish something you take for granted. If you have the ability to run, could you go for one today, for me? Soak it in. Revel in the feeling of yourself moving; all the muscles contracting and releasing. Allow yourself to really notice how good it feels when your legs move in an easily choreographed rhythm, your body automatically synchronizing in itself the millions of muscles and tendons and cells that make it possible. Notice the nerves and neurons, firing like well oiled pistons, an orgy or communication within your body, allowing you to move with ease. Make your legs burn with power. Feel it. Notice it. Cherish it.

Please, go for a run today, for me...

Feel this... for me...