Friday, March 20, 2015

Oh the joy of travel delay!

Written earlier today:

Oops... problem with the airplane. We've been deplaned and there's a frantic rush to try and make sure everyone gets their connections. Mines a bit special too because not only do I transfer planes in Bangkok I have a transfer on to a boat in Krabi to get to Koh Lanta. Yikes! Wish me luck!

Written now:

Well it was bound to happen eventually. An airline has misplaced my luggage. I've been promised it will be sent my way tomorrow. I'm trying desperately to believe that.

My first thoughts when I find out:

1) shoot... I have no idea where that mini toothpaste has gone.

2) damnit!!! I don't have any bikinis in my carry on!!!

Clearly my priorities are in the right place.

Well anyway after a much longer travel day than planned, and sans the majority of my clothing, I have arrived on the island of Koh Lanta. Here I now sit in the restaurant of my little budget bungalow (aptly named: Budget Bungalows) sipping on a $3 mojito and thinking about the pretty beetle that greeted me upon entering my little hut. Playful little devil... crawling onto my bag in the time it took me to take a much needed pee break.

I just about squealed bloody murder (out of surprise more than anything else - I swear) but managed to keep my cool and very gently flicked the little loki away.

Alright... dinner's here! And it's time to order another mojito.

Missin you all!

And I still need that luck! Just in the form of baggage arrival rather than me arrival haha. (Also maybe to keep little beetles out of the bed and only on purses where I may keep a keen eye on them... not that I'm scared.)


Addendum: March 21st, 12:30pm local time:

My bag has arrived!!! Huzzah!!!
Go Bangkok Airlines go!

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