Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I couldn't resist painting my toes one last time.

I leave in just a few hours. The beginning of my epic journey home. And I couldn't help but take some time to visit the beach one last time - say my final goodbyes to what has become such a wonderful and relaxing place for me.

Just now, I've just ordered what will be my last meal in Ko Lanta. Mm that has the sound a bit of a death sentence to it, doesn't it? Perhaps a little dramatic, but in a sense, true. This journey has come to an end.

Of course I can't help but be set to reflection on my time here. It has been an unexpected experience. I almost can't put it into words how I feel about my trip. I've loved it. I've hated it. I've wanted to leave. I'm upset I have to go.

This yo-yo of emotion has been a staple of this trip for me. Some things have been so tremendously difficult. Some have been unforgettable in the most amazing way. I would never give up my time in SE Asia. The memories I have now are etched deep and I love the gentle scars and shapes it has left on me. (And I can say scars in the literal sense. That monkey bite did leave a thin white reminder to never withhold a banana from a little creature,  no matter your reasons.)

I don't have a lot of time to write, now, but some more stories are in the laundry pile waiting to be cleaned up and shown off. These will have to wait until I'm back on Canadian soil.

So for now.. cheers... "To living life and experiencing all it can offer no matter what you're faced with. To the good, the bad, the amazing, the horrific, the fantasmical and everything in between. Cheers!"

The Wandering Quad

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